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Our Disinfection Services Against Coronavirus

Expert Hygiene Services in Manchester cover both commercial & domestic applications of anti-bacterial & anti-viral control misting and fogging in the prevention of seasonal and non-seasonal viral diseases & infections, we use specialist equipment for these applications, we are fully trained and certified in biohazard by one of the leading training organizations in the UK, and use award winning NHS approved solutions and patented technology against emerging pathogens which affect the respiratory and central nervous system.

Adaptions have been taken under recent developments of the coronavirus, and we have worked and are still working with experts in the field towards advanced control measures. Fogging or more technically disinfecting wet misting is a process whereby micro-particles of different specialist disinfectants are used with specialist equipment to sanitize & disinfect public area's to prevent human infections & viruses. Spraying areas with traditional sprayers is not possible due to the particle size of the droplets, and is inconvenient, damaging to nearby electronics, time consuming and in no way practical. We aim to disinfect for both airborne viruses, and everyday touch point areas which could spread viral and infectious diseases through touch. We choose the most appropriate disinfectants based on the particular job, and our misting machines provide coverage to heights of 8 meters (26ft). Technicians are fully certified in infection control, viral control, and biohazard cleaning.

1How long does it take?
The length of time of the booking depends on the size of your premises, please provide an estimated size of your work-space, or we can provide a site visit to do this for you.
2How soon after can the disinfected area be used?
We aim to cause as little downtime as possible to the functioning of your business. Working area's can be ready to use again with in as little as 2 - 3 hours after completion.
3Why use Expert Hygiene Services?
Expert Hygiene Services in Manchester provide the highest levels of disinfection & sanitation, we do this with touchless disinfection fogging machines which provide maximum coverage, followed by wipe downs of all touch areas like desks, light switches, door handles etc.
4How long will the area remain disinfected?
Most disinfecting companies use inferior disinfectants, which only treat the area for as long as the next person who walks into the area and recontaminates it. Here at Expert Hygiene Cleaning Services in Manchester, we use a patented semi-permanent nano scale layer of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Within the layer are anti pathogen agents, which slowly release anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, keeping the area treated against potential viruses & diseases for a much longer period of time.
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